Just Block It

Over the last couple of years, as I’ve realized that I can’t cram any more things into my life without clearing out room, I’ve begun using efficiency hacks wherever I can. I listen to audiobooks while I walk my dog, schedule deep work time directly into my calendar, and cook all my meals for the week on Sundays.

Even after all of these hacks, though, one of the biggest (and most frustrating) time sucks in my life was the time that I wasted perusing Facebook, Twitter, and various other sites when I should have been getting stuff done. Fortunately, I discovered Leechblock some time during my senior year of college, and it’s been with me ever since.

Leechblock is a pretty simple Firefox extension that blocks distracting websites during work hours. You just install it, set your work hours, and fill in your list of blacklisted sites. If cold turkey is too extreme for you, allot yourself a stipend of cheat time. That’s it!

Check it out now here:

If you’re using Safari or Chrome, check out WasteNoTime instead:


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