Trip to India

As an engineer, it is always exciting to see people use the things you build. And when the product is well received, solving the core problems it was designed for, it’s very rewarding.

This happened to me while on my recent visit to India. While on my vacation, I was able to try out our mCent app and listen to feedback from few of the users.

Even with the VPNs and simulated network conditions, among other things in our Boston office, we sometimes cannot capture the user experience of the people in the intended market.

A few things that I noticed while I was there were:

  1. Wi-Fi is very limited in the cities and almost unheard of in the smaller towns. This forces people to use their cellular data most of the time.
  2. The internet speeds are lower(most people still use 2G) and at times flaky.
  3. There are lots of Android phones with customized OS versions and  many of them look and feel very different from what we’re used to seeing in the USA.

How does mCent, which relies heavily on these aspects work in such places? Very well 🙂

  1. Our app solves problems around relatively higher cellular data costs.
  2. The simplistic design of the app is a huge advantage as the look and feel of it is the same across different phones.
  3. After a few recent performance improvements to mCent, the app is now a lot faster according to the users.

As always, there were a few things that needed improvements. Most of it was addressed during the recent Polish Day, a day long event where all engineers work on making small improvements to the app that impacts the user experience.
Want to build great products that impact a large number of people? We’re hiring!


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