The Worst Fifa Players at Jana

One of our values at Jana is to “measure it”. With that in mind, one of our favorite post-work activities seemed very un-measured : Fifa. We recently held a tournament which yielded a clear champion. However, a very important – maybe the most important – question was left unanswered: Who are the worst players?

Instead of speculating and holding press conferences, I decided to implement the well known Elo ranking algorithm and let the numbers speak for themselves. Elo was created as the worldwide chess ranking system, and was also famously used in the Facebook precursor “Facemash” which ranked girls against each other.

Elo is based on the concept that not all wins and losses are of equal value. Beating an inferior opponent should count less than an equal level one, as losing to a superior opponent shouldn’t hurt your rating as much as getting upset. Elo achieves this using the following formulas.

With the players initial ratings Ea and Eb, the expected score (odds of winning) of player Ea is given by:

Ea = 1 / (1 + 10^((Rb-Ra)/400))

Adjustments to ratings are done with the following, where E is the pregame expected score, S the result of the game (In this case, 1 for a win, 0 for a loss, and 0.5 for a tie), and K the k factor.

Ra’ =Ra + K(Sa – Ea)

In order to account for the small number of games, I opted for a rather low initial ranking of 600 and a high K factor of 48. After analysing 50 games played, here are the worst and best fifa players at Jana:

Worst Fifa Players at Jana:

Matt 529.87
Caroline 532.52
Tunde 534.38
Christina 534.57
Evan 537.32

Best Fifa Players at Jana:

Jameson 738.07
Brandon 686.93
Clee 677.75
Yohei 671.57
Dano 639.92

Interested to see where you would rank? If so, we’re hiring!


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