Unit Testing OnClickListener with Mockito






It’s quite often we need to ensure our behavior for the onClickListener()s, here’s a tiny trick to do unit tests on these listeners.

Lets start by defining how we want the test to look like:

Let’s assume a Manager class is going to be the heavy lifting place where we will be setting up the onClickListener(). And we want the click event to do one simple thing, change a boolean flag from False to True, indicating the click event actually happened.

With that in place, we can start setting up our Manager class. Since we need to access the listener in the unit test class, we need to set it as a variable and allow access. It might be tempted to set up onClickListener() with the following:

public View.OnClickListener onClickListener = new View.OnClickListener(){ ... }

However, setting up this way will have one major pitfall, other variables in the class might not been initialized yet! When the clicked event eventually happened, you might be getting a NullPointerException or some random behavior! To deal with this issue, we need lazy instantiation to delay the loading of onClickListener() when the manager class get loaded.

Here, we defined that in order to setup the onClickListener(), the setUp() method must be called. And in the setUp() method, we initialize all variables that will be needed by the click event. And now the testing can begin!

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