The Farmer and the Cowman Should be Friends: Benefits of Cross-Functional Teams

You’ve probably seen this image before:


This famous cartoon illustrates a classic problem at business organizations:  Everyone has a different idea of what the product/project is.  As organizations grow, functional groups become increasingly siloed, and it’s easy for these divergent ideas to perpetuate.   


Enter the Cross-Functional Team:

At Jana, each engineering team starts with a classic set-up: a tech lead, 1-4 other engineers and a product manager.  Additionally,  employees from other parts of the organization join the team, when appropriate. These folks might be data scientists, sales people, account managers, or member support people.  Each team member provides an additional perspective, such as the voice of the customer.

We’ve used this system for several quarters, and we’re pleased with the outcome.  Not only do employees feel more looped in, but also our product is better.  We’re able to incorporate diverse feedback early and often, rather than waterfall style.


Do cross-functional teams appeal to you?  We’re hiring!



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