What happens when your office move is delayed…

Yesterday, the Boston Business Journal wrote about our awesome new office, and it’s indeed a great space. We’re really happy about it, and we’ll be hosting events in the coming future, so hopefully more people get to check it out.

wnnogcpwxcxjapvb2ox4zfwg5kh66yq3agg8eqstgegHere’s something the Journal didn’t write about, since they couldn’t know about it.

Our office move was delayed by a couple of days, as often happens, due to paperwork-type factors outside our control. With 70 employees, that’s enough raise some concerns. Where’s everybody going to work while we sort this out?


Of course, like many modern companies, our employees have the flexibility to work from home whenever they’d like, and folks regularly do that. But everybody at once?


What happened next was spontaneous and awesome. Somebody started a shared spreadsheet with fun places to work, and dozens of folks contributed ideas. Some were the expected usual suspects, e.g. coffee shops near the office.

But many folks volunteered their homes, and even did some marketing to attract colleagues. Want to work from a roof deck in Southie? A place with super fast internet? Get some fresh, home-baked pastries? Help walk a colleague’s dogs in the afternoon?


I’m really proud of how the team came together. There were no complaints, only scrappiness, team spirit, and collaboration. And now I have to end this blog post, since one teammate is hosting a Brazilian BBQ for those working from his home today! Gotta run 🙂

PS: we’re hiring.


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