Automatically running unit tests on save with watchdog and a bash script

I’m a big fan of Red/Green Test Driven Development. A critical component to adopting TDD is fast, automatic feedback from your unit tests.  In the Ruby world, I used tools such as autotest, watchr, and guard, and when I started writing Python code at Jana, I found the watchdog package for Python.

Watchdog mostly accomplishes what I want, but it takes quite a bit of command line configuration to get it to run my nosetests automatically. You can pip install watchdog to get started.

Here’s an example watchdog command that will clear the terminal, and then run tests in path/to/my/tests when I save any python files.

$> watchmedo shell-command --patterns="*.py" --recursive 
--command="clear; nosetests path/to/my/tests" .

That’s quite a long command, and I’m too lazy to type that over and over, if I can even remember it.  So I created myself a simple bash script and put it in my bash path.  I happened to called it autotest because it’s fairly close to nosetests in case I change from running the test once manually to repeatedly and automatically.

NOTE: I saved this to ~/bin/autotest, which is on my path


watchmedo shell-command --patterns="*.py" --recursive
--command="clear; nosetests $1" .

This simple script is just a parameterized version of my original command that I can use like this:

$> autotest path/to/my/tests

If I want to run a specific test, I can use the standard options that nosetests provides:

# run one file
$> autotest tests/

# run one test case class
$> autotest tests/

# run one test case
$> autotest tests/

What other tips and tricks do you use to make TDD better? I’ve been looking for a good red/green coloring for nosetests but haven’t found one yet. 😦



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