What do you think about GitHub issues + wiki for non-technical folks?

Here at Jana, we use GitHub for all our code. We’ve built some pretty cool integrations and tools with it, to support our continuous delivery of our products to millions of users many times every day.

Continous delivery. Source: Wikipedia.

But we’ve been using another system for our internal team wiki and issue tracking. We’d love to have fewer systems, so we’re considering GitHub Issues and the GitHub wiki to replace our existing system.

Do you have experience using GitHub Issues at scale (say, 1,000s of issues), or the GitHub wiki at scale (say, 100s of pages)? If so, how does it work? Any gotchas or tips?

Source: Wikipedia user “Carbonrodney” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Carbonrodney/funny)

In particular, we’d love for the systems to be really easy for non-technical folks to use. Our existing systems are OK at this, resulting in a lot of good ideas, and some bugs, input by folks on our marketing, account management, sales, and finance teams. Do any of your non-engineering folks use GitHub Issues / wiki? If so, what do they think?

By the way, we’re hiring.

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