mCent Android Widget

An android widget can be a good way to drive engagement with your app. So we set out to build one during our first Jana Hackathon!

First order of business was to figure out what essential information we wanted to show our users, and what could be left out. We determined that our users were most interested in finding out the following things:

  • Are there any offers for me to complete?
  • What is my eWallet balance?
  • Can I topup?

Widgets can make requests directly to the server. But we didn’t want our widget to create extra load, so we decided to just grab whatever information was already stored in the app itself. The clear downside here is that widget info can be outdated if the user doesn’t open the app often, but this was a tradeoff we were willing to make, especially for an experimental project such as this one.

The widget turned out pretty nice! Here is a quick look:


Progress bar for when the user’s balance is less than the topup minimum

Button appears when eWallet balance is enough to topup

Button appears when eWallet balance is enough to topup














We really only saw the widget as a cool hackathon project, without much expectation for it beyond that. We released the widget the following day, and then it basically fell off our radar for a few months. However recently we stumbled upon this:



13th in India! Not too shabby for a day long project.



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